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    Hi Guys,

    Earlier today I had a phone call from the States from Hans Hedrich, whom some of you know from the “Chicago” and “West Coaster” Shows.

    Hans told me the very sad news of the passing of Larry Lo in New York. For almost six months, Larry had been fighting bravely against a very virulent and aggressive form of cancer.

    As I write these words I still cannot believe Larry has gone! Together with Hans, John Bennett, Louis Badolato and Howard & Jen Woods I spent several days with Larry last June in New York after the “Texas” Show. At that time he appeared in the pink of health and in great spirits.

    Larry loved his wife, his family, his very successful restaurant business, his friends, the U.S. Navy (especially Navy fliers and aircraft carriers) and…he loved his toy soldiers!

    I first met Larry many years ago through Louis and always enjoyed his wit, intelligence and zest for life…He was a true original and an all-round “good guy” who was a joy to spend time with.

    As a toy soldier collector he had a world-class collection that was one of his “pride and joys.” To attend toy soldier shows with him or just to sit down and have a meal with him was a guarantee of a good time. The sight of Larry in jeans and his US Navy flight jacket coming towards you was always something to look forward to at any time.

    Myself, Gordon and all of us at King & Country extend our deepest condolences to his wife and children at this terrible time. It may be a very small consolation to know that Larry’s suffering is over and…somewhere above us…Larry is up there, with a big wide grin on his face, flying an F18 Hornet!

    Rest in peace buddy…with the greatest regrets, your old friend,
    Andy C. Neilson
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